You Revealed Ex-Conference

We often go to conferences where we hear phenomenal speakers who inspire us through their words and sometime validate what we were already thinking. The problem is, many of us don’t know what to do as a next step or we feel we could benefit from the guidance of a support system.

Look no further! An EX-Conference™ is Not Your Average Event!  

InView Empowerment’s EXPERIENTIAL CONFERENCES are life changing, developmental seminars. Participants learn how to improve themselves and address complex and sometimes sensitive personal and professional issues through highly interactive exercises that promote self-exploration and the formation of new thoughts and skills. “We believe you evoke change by getting into action but it is sustained through practice” and you will get plenty of opportunities to tryout your new skills in our hands-on SENSORY STATIONS dedicated to self-awareness, self-management and mindfulness.

These unique experiences jump start the journey to forming new habits in a safe, fun and highly interactive environment but are enhanced by the optional 40-Day post conference support. Join us for this life altering event as we guide you on a path of self-discovery and transformation. HURRY AND REGISTER TODAY!

PS – EX-Conferences are highly interactive with lots of engaging exercises and activities so dress casual and come prepared to learn, practice new skills, fellowship and play!