Hello world… Introducing YOU REVEALED!

We are so excited to have you on this journey with us.

InView Empowerment’s You Revealed Ex-Conference™ is designed to address the health and emotional needs of women who want to enjoy the benefits of lower stress, higher personal and professional achievement and greater satisfaction in all relationships.

Equipping women with tools to develop new habits and tap into their personal power is the mission of this live, day-long interactive symposium featuring an inspiring keynote address from ESSENCE Editor Emerita Susan L. Taylor.

But, the You Revealed Ex-Conference is not just another conference with inspiring speakers!  Nope, it’s an EXPERIENTIAL CONFERENCE!

Ex-Conferences are all about providing meaningful experiences that improve self-awareness and create habit forming practices that will transform your life and lifestyle. The day is filled with unique opportunities to learn and grow but none quite like our thematic Sensory Rooms to help you turn the day’s learning into lasting rituals.


We promise you three things:

  • Educate: We are Building Self-Aware Female Leaders from the Inside Out by Increasing Emotional IQ
  • Engage: We Provide Fun, Hands-On and Transformative Experiences that will Jump Start Habit Forming Practices
  • Empower: We Offer Ongoing Developmental Activities, Coaching, and Community Support Through Our 40-Day Challenge (optional)

By taking you on a journey of self-awareness in your physical, mental and emotional bodies, we help you gain a clearer perspective and acceptance of who you are and why you have certain strengths, weaknesses, beliefs, thoughts, and practices – which are essential in creating what you want and mastering your life.

If you are ready to make a change in your life but you don’t know how, join us on a journey to self-awareness, authenticity and self-care. SPACE IS LIMITED SO DON’T WAIT.


New Thoughts….New Habits…New Life!