Tracey Knight has been called a Trailblazer, Transformer and a Visionary. As a life success coach, executive mentor, trainer and empowerment speaker, Tracey’s energized and thought provoking workshops are one’s that will push you to be your highest self. Her exhilarating presence compels people to stop allowing self-imposed and circumstantial limits hinder their progression toward becoming all they were destined to be.

As a Life Success Guru, Tracey pushes women and entrepreneurs to live limitlessly and to create a vision for their life and/or business that will propel them toward becoming the woman they are meant to be! Her workshops are transformational, explosive and leave you feeling ambushed by motivation and held captive by opportunity! Valli J., Dallas, Tx

Tracey Knight is a motivational coach and has been an inspiration to my life. She is very open, trustworthy, and allows herself to be vulnerable by sharing pieces of your life that might resonate with me. It made me want to open myself up and let my guard down so that I can see what I need to change in order to improve my livelihood. I honestly believe that when you are honest and vulnerable with your audience, it helps them to break down barriers so they can have room for the improvement that is needed in their life. Tracey embodies everything it takes to be a life coach, motivator, and inspirational leader. Zhane’ J., Georgia

I met Tracey several years ago and have had the pleasure of her company of many occasions.  The first word that come to mind regarding her is authenticher work ethic is strong, her intention clear and her business motivation is truly “customer-focused”.  She carries herself with a sense of excellence, and I look forward to the upcoming networking opportunity with Tracey and her team.  My expectation is that I will be challenged to grow and develop personally and professionally.” Phyllis G., Smyrna, GA

Tracey’s genuine care and concern for the people around her makes her a natural teacher, leader and guide for those seeking personal development and spiritual fulfillment.  Ajani E., Atlanta, GA

Tracey Knight’s quest to share her wisdom and fortitude about achieving a balanced and happy lifestyle is exemplified in her EX-Conference seminars.  What a wealth of transformational information! Brenda C., Atlanta, Georgia

Tracey’s passion is to inspire, to teach, to share — to empower.  Her presentations are based on rock-solid research, humor and practical, useful truths.  Her passion is evident in everything she does and so her sessions are always relatable, uplifting and inspiring.    Sarah V., Atlanta, Georgia

Tracey Knight (President/CEO, InView Solutions & Empowerment), is a gifted instructor, facilitator and strong communicator. Her experience as an educator helps her to understand how to engage, motivate, and enlighten others. I had the opportunity to attend one of the “InView Empowerment” workshops. I was so impressed by Tracey’s calming personality and the transformational information presented. Tracey’s professional and personal accomplishments are far reaching. I am awed by her business savvy and leadership and her passion to help others. She is one of the top facilitators and empowerment leaders in the country. I would recommend her professional services to everyone. Althea F., Cincinnati, Ohio

Tracey Knight is a visionary and strategist allowing her own journey that she shares to empower those who seek to understand self and others.  She is consistently focused on self-discovery and uplift to ensure the possibility of gaining the most life has to offer. Lisa M., Nashville, Tennessee

Tracey Knight is a master team builder, facilitator, and organizer.  Her approach is rooted in helping others realizing their dreams by tapping into their divine gifts.  Natasha H., Atlanta, GA

Tracey Knight is someone who has devoted her efforts to benefiting the quality of life for others. She is bold, determined, genuinely concerned and presents optimism and guidance openly to others. Inspiring others isn’t easy, but Tracey has passion, an almost contagious aura of influence that captures and nurtures listeners, putting even the most confusing and sometimes difficult situations into clarity.   Her character and reputation as a guiding hand reaches far into the community who know her as someone who is consistent in her actions, information and moral standards. Summer. B, California

Tracey is a skilled coach and group facilitator. I have personally experienced the outcomes of implementing her methods and recommendations to create greater effectiveness, efficiency and even a more balanced life to position yourself for wellness in work, life and play. I highly recommend her as a coach, people developer and speaker! Aisha H., Atlanta, GA

Tracey is passionate about helping empower women to change what they say and think about themselves. She is very active with mentoring and teaching women life skills to improve their perceptions and not adapt to stereotypes. Her InView coaching sessions are thought provoking and have changed my life for the better. Congrats on all of your success. Terri F., Detroit, Michigan

Tracey is an inspirational leader who is fearless, compassionate and grounded. She motivates me to strive for more and to excel beyond my wildest dreams. I’m glad to know her, call her friend, for her spirit is the light of the universe magnified a thousand times brighter than the stars above. Lisa M., GA

Tracey is a wonderful trainer! She is engaging, authentic and highly relevant in times like these. She provides a lot of great insight that fosters self-reflection and self-determination which helps attendees walk away with the internal inspiration and motivation needed for change. Me’Shi A., Atlanta, GA

Ms Knight has personally challenged me to walk in my authentic self. Her encouragement and direction teaches us as “yes” women how to shift our focus from living and surviving each day to thriving and striving to reach our full potential.  Her energy lights up the room! Keese, Atlanta, GA

Tracey Knight is an incredible teacher and motivator with a keen sense of self that creates a great learning and spiritual environment. Dwayne C. Atlanta, GA

Tracey Knight does such an incredible job of helping people understand how to face their fears during times of transition in life. Her motivational message validated for me that I am meant to be so much more than the limitations of my thoughts. Anyone can relate to her presentation style, her great stories and her amazing journey and transformation. Coletta C., Georgia

Tracey’s ability to connect with young women, like myself, preparing to enter the professional world by incorporating her personal stories is amazing. She allows you to realize that not only can you attain any goals that you set for yourself but you can do so in a manner that is healthy – emotionally and physically. Jianne M., Tennessee