YOU REVEALED Ex-Conferences highly interactive exercises that promote self-exploration

YOU REVEALED Ex-Conferences

InView Empowerment’s EXPERIENTIAL CONFERENCES are life changing, developmental seminars.

highly interactive exercises that promote self-exploration

Get hands-on at our SENSORY STATIONS dedicated to self-awareness, self-management and mindfulness.


Which Ex-Conference is Right for You?

Education and Parents

Click here for Ex-Conferences for Education Professionals and the Parents of the Students they serve.

Government & Non-Profits

Click here for Ex-Conferences for Government Agencies and Non-Profit Organizations.

Women Empowerment

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Tracey Knight, Your Lead Empowerment Coach, Welcomes you to the You Revealed Ex Conference!

InView Empowerment’s You Revealed Ex-Conference is designed to address the social and emotional needs of people who want to enjoy the benefits of lower stress, higher personal and professional achievement and greater satisfaction in all relationshipsEquipping individuals with tools to develop new habits and tap into their personal power is the mission of this live, day-long interactive symposium Ex-Conferences are all about providing meaningful experiences that improve self-awareness and create habit forming practices that will transform your life and life style. The day is filled with unique opportunities to learn and grow but none quite like our thematic Sensory Rooms to help you turn the day’s learning into lasting rituals. Click here to learn more.

Non-Profit Partner: Naledge in Action (NIA)

InView Empowerment is proud to be sponsoring the You Revealed EX-Conference with Naledge In Action (NIA), a Georgia 501c3.  NIA’s mission is to help post-secondary bound men and women overcome the barriers to college completion and career readiness by (1) defining a purpose-driven career pathway; (2) fostering and applying transferrable 21st Century skills; and (3) providing opportunities to earn money for school through practical work experience.   This highly interactive leadership training and internship program is also meeting the current and future needs of business and industry by cultivating emotionally aware men and women who have good people skills, demonstrate strong work ethics and have the ability to think critically while making good decisions.  These are the core competences to a successful career and life.